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• Mar 7, 2022 - 17:10

I sent my arrangement of a Bach Adagio to my two partners. Neither one could open it.
What am I doing wrong.
I uploaded it ( says successfully uploaded - published online)
I forward it to them .
Do they have to have musescore ?
Do they have to use a computer NOT THEIR PHONE?

What DO I DO!


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That attachment is a pdf file which is just a picture that makes no sound.

Either give your colleagues access to the score that you uploaded to (I don't use that myself, so I can't advise how best to do that).

Or, tell your colleages to download the musescore notation program from here and install it on their Windows, MAC or Linux PC. Send them the score (.mscz file) by email or whatever. They can then play the score and watch the score at the same time.

Or, you can export it as an audio file - see and Your colleagues can then play the audio and read the pdf.

Or you can all get together with your instruments and play it from a hard copy printout of the pdf. That would be my preference ;-)

If you upload your scores to and make them public, everyone can see and play them, in a Browser, and with that also on a (smart) phone.
I don't see any Adagio on the 7 published scores of you though.

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