How to add time signature to each line automatically

• Mar 11, 2022 - 09:07

I know it's been asked before, but I can't make it work.
I want to to make a sheet with drum exercises. Each line represents a simple, but slightly different groove.
Each line should have only one measure, should have a visible number that anyone can reference a groove by this number. And finally, each line should look identical by means of clef, time signature, indentation etc, etc.
I've been able to accomplish this, except for time signatures. Now it looks like this:

2022-03-11 10_04_04-Window.png

Please, tell me, what and where to click exactly to make time signature appear in each line automatically.



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Why would you expect a time signature when the tick box says key signature?

A key signature on each system is pretty much standard in most recent (last 250 years or so) music other than in some standard special cases - like march cards where space is at a premium. Time signatures on all staves is very non-standard.

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No, it doesn't. I have MuseScore 3.6.2 installed. When I open it, a new project pops up, which looks like this:

2022-03-11 14_20_04-Window.png

When I enter menu: Format -> Style -> Page, I see:

2022-03-11 14_21_51-Window.png

When I manually insert a section break after 4th measure (which replaces a system break), I get:

2022-03-11 14_23_33-Window.png

As you can see, there's no time signature in the 2nd line.
Maybe I'm doing it wrong. Can you check that yourself?

To be clear: standard music notation has clefs and key signatures on every system, that is why MuseScore generates them by default. There is an option to disable that mainly to emulate the Real Book and other fakebooks that choose to omit these. But there is essentially no published music in the world that puts time signatures on every system. For exercises, you don't want the time signature on every system, just at the beginning of the exercise, - consider,r an excerises that goes multiple systems shouldn't repeat it.

So instead, as mentioned, add the second break at the end of each exercise (you can define a shortcut for that in Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts), then add the time signature - whatever it is, whetether it changes or not - the beginning of the next.

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As an amateur clarinet player rehearsing with a low-level orchestra, I sometimes wish not only key signatures appear on every system, but also time signatures ("Did we change to alla breve?"), dynamics ("Are we still supposed to play piano?"), and even tempos. And of course I want measure numbers on every measure. No more: "Start 7 measures before D!".
But I can do without clefs completely :-)!

Thank you all for comments. In the second screenshot I made an obvious mistake. I put "create key signature for all systems" in a red frame. Of course, key signature is not a time signature.
I'll go manual then. I can put a time signature in each line just by dragging it from the toolbox.
They are needed, because when you cut the sheet of paper with scissors, each line gets separated, and the time signature is only in the first line originally.

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No need to drag - palette items are added with a simple click.

Just note what I observed before - you don’t want this every line necessarily, just the start of each exercise. So if an exercise runs four lines, the time signature should still be the first line only. An option to automatically repeat time signatures after section breaks is definitely worth considering some day.

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