make width of measure accommodate staff text

• Mar 12, 2022 - 06:55

Hi, I'm sure this is a simple thing but I couldn't find the answer in the manual or the forums.

I have staff text above a note that overruns the right edge of the measure. (See attached score.) Since the measure is the 1st ending of a repeat, this means the text extends into the 2nd ending, which is confusing and a bit ugly.

I can (I think) manually widen the measure, but in a multipart score, this would widen the measure on all the parts, creating weird gaps in those parts that do not have this lengthy staff text. So what I would like to do is tell MuseScore to adjust the measure width as needed to accommodate any staff text. (In a first-ending situation like this, I would think that ought to be the default layout, as I'm skeptical anyone would prefer the layout as it now appears.) Is there a way to do this? Thanks for any tips.

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Ah, yes, this is almost it. In your example it's not clear that the text applies to the third note, as it hangs over the second. But if I change the text alignment from centered to left-aligned, it begins in the right place and adjusts the measure with as needed. Thank you!

What's the difference between lyrics and staff text that makes this work automatically for the former but not the latter? Is there a property that can be changed on staff text to make it work this way also?

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Thanks, jeetee. The original example might have been misleading in saying "very long instruction": it's not much longer than what's in the example, overshooting the end of the measure by only a word or two. Putting a footnote here is not as user-friendly, as then in the midst of following the music on a page, the player has to take their eye off the staff and look around for something elsewhere on the paper, then go back to the spot on the staff where they were before, just to find out "tacet third time through" or whatever.

In most measures, staff text running past the edge of the measure wouldn't be an issue; it's only the bracket above that makes it one. I feel MuseScore's default layout in this case ought to accommodate staff text underneath a bracket; I can't envision a situation where the layout as rendered in the example file would be what a user would want. I'll open an issue for this if others agree with this.

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