Moving continuous view

• Mar 22, 2022 - 11:27

I am working on a six page symphony which is easier to input in continuous view. Is there a way to move the score left and right without dragging it?

Thanks, everyone. <3


Two-finger vertical swipe is vertical scroll on pretty much all devices. On some devices, you can do two-finger horizontal swipe to scroll horizontally, but that's not all that common or reliable in my experience. Instead, Shift plus two-finger swipe is pretty much the universal way to scroll horizontally - almost all devices, almost all apps.

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Thanks, Marc. It's getting used to putting two fingers down at the exact same time. I'm on a Dell Windows 10 laptop. With some practice, it works both vertically and horizontally, with and without the shift key. I've been dragging scores for a long time now, but the horizontal two-fingered swipe truly is faster than dragging six pages of orchestration back and forth.

Thanks for stopping by! You're the BEST! <3

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