Multi line - multi verse lyrics

• Mar 30, 2022 - 13:19

I am working on something with several verses, and lyrics appropriate for each verse. Initially I copied all the lyrics and placed them in an Intro section, before the verses.

Is it now possible to select each line of the lyrics and assign them to appropriate verses? My efforts to do this so far have failed.

Clearly I can copy all the lines and assign them to each of the verse - but with four verses I'd then have to delete three lines from each verse. Maybe there's no easy way to do this in MuseScore.

I really don't want to have to export the text lines back out to another tool - such as a word processor, and then input each one back into the "correct" place in each verse of the score.

It's not that I can't do this, but I want to be able to do this quickly and effectively, and without unecessary mental anguish and trauma!


The most effective and least mental traumatizing way is to just type out the Lyrics. I doubt you'll have pre-hyphened and melisma'd them as required currently anyway.

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They are already set and appropriate to the first verse.
You seem to like asking people to repeat what they've already done.

You may, sadly, be correct that there's no easy way to do this in MuseScore, but that doesn't mean there isn't, or shouldn't, be a better way.

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Fair enough.

I did discover, some while back and somewhat to my surprise, that sometimes copying and pasting in from some word processors or text files works on a word at a time basis. It requires a bit of care, so rather than type everything all over again, just copy out to an appropriate text file, then copy all the text required, and start to input the lyrics again from the copied text.

Maybe this is a bit hard to explain, but if done carefully it would save a lot of time.

I think that is what you are hinting at in the second half of your response. Also, if you can anticipate where the hyphens and melismas are you can put those into the text in the word processor.

However I don't guarantee that it will work from all word processors or with all text.

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Too late now. But you could have entered lyrics directly first shot. Rather than typing them in a word processor first. It sounds like you had the melody in mind as you were writing the lyrics.

For me, the melody is most important. And then the challenge is to have meaningful lyrics that fit and use the melody to highlight them. And both can be tweaked along the way.
But that's me.

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