A way to add title to page numbers automatically.

• Mar 31, 2022 - 15:08

Is there a way to automatically add the title of a piece to the page numbers of a piece?

I am often working on a number of arrangements at a time and printing them out as it is far easier for me to see where I want to make changes on paper.

After a time, there can grow a confusion.


In Format > Style > Header/Footer add $:workTitle: to header or footer.
And make sure that the score's title is recorded in File > Score Properties > workTitle

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And then... how do I position that title? I don't like whatever the default is; to my eye, it's too close to the rehearsal mark. (And yes, I know I can move all of the music DOWN... I don't want to do that!)
And I've searched the handbook, can't seem to find it. Google doesn't help either. :-(

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