Unwanted rests

• Apr 3, 2022 - 11:36

I have imported a PDF score but it includes some fictitious rests and + signs. How do I get rid of these, please?


It really depends on where those rests are and which type they are. The + signs indicate that your importer has made the measure larger than the time signature to be able to fit what it thinks should fit in there.

You fix it by removing what shouldn't be there and it requires some proficiency with MuseScore (if you don't have any yet, just manually entering the score will likely be easier than fixing errors created by an importer).

Generally speaking this involves a combo of fixing note/rest durations, moving them into voice 1 (for example by imploding or switching voices) and then removing rests from the now empty other voices. After you've moved your measure contents to the correct locations, you can remove the time that is not required by selecting it and using "Remove selected range"

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