"voice exchange" tool does not change articulations ownership

• Apr 3, 2022 - 13:27

Hi all,
I applied the voice exchange 1 to 4 tool to the highlighted measure and, while it exchanged the notes ownership, it didn't do the same for "Fermata above" articulation associated to one of the notes, see attached picture, that shows the result after having applied the tool.
Isn't this a bug?

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If I understand correctly, you are talking specifically about the fermata and not other articulations? Others should be exchanged, but indeed, fermatas are not. This may well be by design, as fermatas aren;t attached to notes specifically the way articulatuons are; they are more global and should normally stay put. But if you attach your actual score instead of just a picture, and explain in more detail why in this particular case the fermata seems like it should be moved, we may be to understand better.

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True, I've only tested the "fermata".
The original score is actually an XML file, in attachment, which is the output of the score conversion from paper to electronic.
Once imported, look at bar 3.
Selecting, hence highlighting the whole measure, one can notice that the conversion did not assign the correct voice number to notes.
Thus, wanting to change the notes' voice number, I've discovered the "issue" (as you wrote above we don't yet know if it is one) that I'm reporting here by applying first "Exchange voice 1 to 4" and then "Exchange voice 2 to 4".
While the color of the notes changes accordingly (voice 1 = blue, voice 2 = green, voice 4 = purple), the one of the "fermata" stays constantly to purple, i.e. voice 4.

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To me, the fact that there was a fermata in voice 4 but not voice 1 is part of the problem; I'm not sure how well MuseScore would support that anyhow. But there definitely shouldn't have been two such fermatasd; that seems a flaw in the MusicXML. Anyhow, in most cases, the fermata applies would be in voice 1, and you wouldn't want it to move to another voice every time you did an exchange. Normally, it should stay in the original voice, like other markings that are not truly voice-specific do (eg, clefs). So this does seem the right default behavior to me.

But, I do recognize that in some cases like this, you might need the fermatas to be voice-specific since it occurs on different beats, and that it could be useful to have an override to voice exchange for case like this where you do want the fermata to move. Something akin to the Selection Filter could be interesting to design for this. The existing one wouldn't work because fermatas are included in the selection for other operations, just not exchange. Somehow, this feels connected to the idea of being able to copy passages with time signature changes intact, and how one might use a Selection-Filter-like component to control how that works.

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