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• Apr 9, 2022 - 10:20

I have been trying to integrate MS with other software and hardware and looking at shortcuts.

Below is a page of shortcuts I might want to use.

In MacOS - what are the keys which point North West , or South East?
Are these only available on game control pads?



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Are there any other shortcuts which use that combination - you might know without me having to trawl through them all?

I can say that the combinations do seem to work, though the order might have to be very precise. In other words is Cmd Shift the same as Shift Cmd plus also with the Fn key mixed in. So far I can't be absolutely sure this always works - possibly small time differences in the key presses make a difference.

Maybe this will help some other Mac users.

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Indeed, order doens't matter when using keyboard modifiers. None of this is unique to MuseScore or Mac-specific - these are the exact same standard shortcuts that work across virtually all applications, all operating systems, with the obvious difference of Ctrl/Cmd. That is, regarding of application or operating system, Home always moves the focus / cursor to the beginning of the current logical element whatever that is (e.g., a line in a text editor, a system in MuseScore), adding Ctrl/Cmd always moves you to the beginning of the current "document" (score in MuseScore), adding Shift always selects as it does so (just as it selects while navigating with other cursor motions). And in all applications on all operating systems, you can physically press these buttons in any order..

The regular English names for the keys are Ctrl (substitute Cmd for Mac keyboards) and Shift, and then Up, Down, Left, and Right for the cursor keys, and PgUp, PgDn, Home, and End. On any keyboard that lacks physical keys for the latter four - this is true of most Mac keyboard but also quite a few keyboards on other devices, probably most smaller laptops - it is almost always the case that Fn+Up is PgUp, Fn+Down is page down, Fn+Left is Home, Fn+Right os End. not just in MsueScore, this is built into most operating systems and is thus generally true across all applications.

The representation of these keys using a diagonal arrow seems to be a Mac-specific thing; Windows applications don't typically use those labels. But I gather those symbols aren't physically printed on Mac keyboard either, they are found in programming toolkit documentation only as far as I can tell. We should probably not use those icons as I imagine most Mac users aren't familiar with them.

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