musescore 4.0 - questions after using 3.6

• Apr 9, 2022 - 16:01

Hello , hope this is the right forum for support for musescore 4.0.
I installed the alpha version in order to use VST to improve sound quality. Which is a great feature I'm looking forward to use!
I have a score which is written in swing style. It is played correctly in 3.6.2 but not in 4.0.
I have created a toy example, and added both the "swing" style from tempo palette and also in format->style pressed the "eighth notes" on swing style. But didn't help to make the toy example sound in swing. It still has a non-swing feel.

Two more questions regarding VST usage (this is the first time I try to use VST so I am not experienced with it).

1) I have a file with several instruments (not the mscz I attached here).
After I assigned each of the channles a proper instrument from the VST library I saved the file and exit musescore. The next time I open the file, it doesn't "remember" the assigned instruments and all the channels open up with the wrong instrument or nothing at all (silent).
I'm not sure if the loading should be done automatically or I should reload each of the instruments again, I will be happy to understsand the recommended procedure.

2) After loading the VST instruments I cannot see the instrument name or any informantion about it , except the plugin name (see musescore4.jpg image)

os and version info :
OS: Windows 10 Version 2009, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit): 4.0.0-2059952268, revision: abc123456

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Thanks for your answer.
I understand that it’s still under development , is there any other existing version in which the vst already works better ?
And when I have such version, what types of vst files/folders are going to be supported and how should I add/install them so I can see them in musescore? copy files to which folder?

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There is no newer version released yet, depending on what gets merged in a nightly might have solved some issues already.

VST3 is the only supported VST interface and they are currently expected to be in the "default folder" as per the Steinberg SDK. One of the next alpha/beta releases should allow configuring (an) additional folder(s) for where MuseScore has to look.

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