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• Apr 13, 2022 - 01:36

I was only able to download individual pages from 6 page score to the Musescore. But now they are individual pages that are not connected. Is there a way to merge these 6 individual pages to a single score, like cut and past of a whole page?


It's not clear what you mean here - are you saying you downloaded six separate scores from the score sharing website onto your computer, and now you want to combine them into one score? If so, then yes, you can copy and paste their contents into a new score. But, it's not clear why yom, if there was a single 6-page score on, you didn't just download that instead of the six separate scores. So perhaps you could explain what you mean in more detail.

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Thank you for your reply,
Yes, the score, which is 6 pages, I'm trying to download/upload to my Musescore so I can practice using it's audio. The score is private that I scanned to PDF on to my PC, which I was only able to scanned individual pages. So I ended up 6 individual pages on my PC. Then downloaded to Musescore PDF conversion, in which I can only process individual pages, So I ended up with 6 separate windows in my Musescore. At this point, I was hoping to find a way to integrate these individual pages into one score. Is it possible at all? Or is there another way I can accomplish my goal? I am upgrading to Pro if that helps.
Sorry I'm not making it too clear.

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Oh, so you aren't talking about an existing score on, but instead about the experimental PDF import feature? Just scan it to a single PDF file instead of six separate ones - pretty much any PDF scan app should allow that, but if your doesn't, you can also combine the PDF's later using any of a number of free programs and services. Then import that single PDF and then expect to spend a significant amount of time correcting the errors. It's still an experimental service, and AI technology just hasn't reached the point where this whole endeavor is likely to be more efficient than simply entering the music normally, but that's your best chance of success when going that route.

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If there's not many system level elements (time signature changes) then yes, you can open all those scores; append enough measures to the first score and just copy and paste the others in.

Have a Pro subscription on the .com score sharing platform has zero influence on your abilities to use the entirely free desktop notation software as offered on this site.

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