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• Apr 15, 2022 - 10:17
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I try to use this plugin in Musescore 3.6 on macOS Monterey (12.3.1). I keep getting the message that the font hasn't been installed. But it is installed in Font Book. But there I get the message upon validating that something is wrong with the 'name'-table.


Sorry to hear that you are having this issue. I have no access to a macOS machine for testing but you could try removing the font check and see if the plugin then works.

Hello yonah, I will send three screenshots. #1: the error in FontBook; #2 the Font Book screen where you can see that the font is installed; #3 the notification in Musescore.

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Google Translate: "kleine problemen gevonden" = "found minor issues"

Maybe the issues are minor enough that the font can actually work. Can you try using the recorder font in another application, e.g. a word processor, and letting me know whether this works?

If it doesn't then I will have to do some research as this is a free 3rd party font and I don't know anything about font structures myself.

Hi Yonah, I made a normal text document (in LibreOffice) and could use the font. I attach a screen print of the result (4 lines) and below that the characters I entered (also 4 lines). And yes, as I work in the Dutch language most of the text in the screen prints will be in Dutch. Thank God for Google Translate.

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Hi Hans, well that's encouraging so it might be worth removing the font existence check in the plugin code. I'm not over-optimistic but it's got to be worth a try.

Insert these 2 highlighted lines into the onRun method. Save the code and relaunch MuseScore to ensure that the edited plugin code is loaded. Note that letter casing and punctuation need to be exactly as shown.


This will skip the font existence check and simply return okFont as true, just as when the font existence check works properly.

(Google translate can be a 'life saver')

Hi Yonah,
I made the changes to the plugin code that you mentioned. I now do not receive an error message and can apply the plugin but the result is bad (see screen print). I am not an expert in plugin code (just a little HTML, CSS and still less PHP for my websites), but it looks to me that the wrong characters get mapped to the notes. When I look at a previous screen shot (the one with the message from FontBook) I guess that the "name-table" that is mentioned there is the culprit.
The song is a Dutch Children's song for some of my recorder pupils.
By the Way: Happy Easter!

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Hi Hans, Happy Easter!

I think that the letters are correctly mapped but, given the size of them, it looks like the recorder font has not been used and that a 'fall-back' default font has been used instead.

The fact that some notes are missing a letter is because the clef used moves these notes below the recorder's range. An octave clef, (the default in Musescore when using a recorder as an instrument), would bring the notes into range.

See documentation here for details:…

and discussion here:

I think that I need to look into addressing the error. The font is free and should be editable in Font Forge so I'll see what I can do.

This is the glyph character mapping:


Hi Yonah,
You are right about the clef used. When I change the clef to the octave clef and then transpose the notes up an octave I at least get the correct letters. So I think that you are right also about the font getting replaced by a default font. I'll look into it as well. I have never dealt with fonts but maybe I can find something. When I do I will let you know.

Hi Yonah,
I got it to work. One of the first errors I got when installing the font was in Font Book. Something went wrong with the 'name'-table. I looked at Font Forge but I also looked at the error and googled that. There I found this page:…
I downloaded and installed Type Light and followed the quick instructions. After removing the downloaded version of the font from Font book I installed the "repaired" version of the font in Font Book. There was no error now.
I then reopened Musescore and applied the plugin to the file. The Screen shot shows the result.
Probably the same result could be accomplished with Font Forge but since that looked a bit more complicated to me I tried Type Light first.
I will remove the added lines in the plugin now and check if it works then.
I guess that you can repair the font you provide and then alter the status of this issue.

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Brilliant! Good to see it fixed. If you can upload the fixed font then I can test that it also works on Windows. If it does then I can use it as a replacement. Otherwise I'll provide both fonts.

(I have no experience of font editors except for soundfonts - as used in MuseScore.)

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I don't have issues with the fingeringsetting to show up, but it only shows the baroque setting. In this image it shows the german fingersetting, but in the plugin in use shows the baroque setting. I've tried the updated font from the main github repository, but still only the baroque setting. Do you know if it is possible to the german setting?

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Which image are you referring to? (There is more than 1 in this thread).

It is highly probable that the German setting is possible but I only know the fingerings for descant recorder ( = baroque ? ), so that's what I coded. The plugin itself is really simple and you may well be able to tweak it yourself. Otherwise, if you can identify the correct glyphs for each note, (from my list of the font glyphs above), then I can add a German setting.

P.S. This new issue should really be in a separate thread since it has nothing to do with this thread's title – but I guess it doesn't matter that much, except that the original issue is marked as closed.