Imploding a score

• Apr 20, 2022 - 18:42

Hello, I have been trying to take my score and implode it for piano in two lines. The issue I'm having is that it just throws all the notes in the soprano like without reducing anything.


It's not clear what type of "reducing" you might want, but the whole point of implode is to combine without losing anything. Do it once to implode into multiple voices on a single staff; run it again to combine those multiple voices into single-voice chords where possible But again, these operations never "reduce" anything by deleting notes. If that's your goal, you need to make those difficult decisions as to what to delete.

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I'm not sure if should reply or start a new topic. I have a score I imported successfully from PDF. It has three staves (it was from a soprano 1, soprano 2, alto 1 arrangement). There is nothing fancy about it. It's all single notes and same rhythm on all staves. However, using Implode I can only get two of the staves to combine, no matter what combination I've tried. I want them all on one. Any help appreciated!

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I don't see the difference. The pickup is 4/4 with two eighth notes for all three staves, the first measure is eighth note, dotted quarter, dotted quarter, eighth for all three, and so on. However, I do see that I can implode various measures. Unfortunately, the notes aren't lined up vertically, so it's not really readable.

Thanks, though, for the hint.

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Implode multi staves will combine them onto one staff using multiple voices. Imploding the resulting staff with multiple voices will combine them into a single voice, where possible (if the rhythms match). So in other words, implode twice.

If you continue to have trouble, please tell us exactly which measures/staves you are trying to combine and what goes wrong when you try. But for me it works fine with your example in everything I tried. The only rhythms that didn't combine were the ones that don't match, like any place where there is an eighth and quarter on the same beat.

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