Removing voices totally from a score

• May 5, 2022 - 23:31

I have a multivoice classical piece and want to just leave one voice playing.
When I apparently successfully remove everything except the single voice I want (using Instruments) there remains a loud residual backing track playing even though this doesn't show on the computer screen.
Has anyone any idea what is happening?
I suppose I could try and copy the wanted voice and put it in a new score but will be trying to do that as a last resort.


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Thanks. The score I input to MuseScore is a multipart choral and orchestral composition and I wanted to isolate just the bass singing part. So I went to the Instrument part in MuseScore and removed instruments and other voices. Finally I was left with just the bass vocal line on the screen. However, and this is a mystery to me, when I played the bass line I got a loud background accompanyment to the score which overwhelmed the bass line.
I saved the edited file and brought it back to view on the computer screen. The only thing showing was the bass vocal line. However the unwanted background accompanyment was still there even though nothing was showing on the screen display. There is obviously something hidden from view somewhere but how to make it appear is beyond me.

Thanks all. I've sorted this one. Bit dim of me.

I wanted to play part of a complex score and used Instruments to make the unwanted parts disappear. But they only visually disappeared and the sound still came through for all the parts. I thought there was something funny going on but this is just an obvious feature of the software when you think about it.
If you want to make things visually and audibly disappear then you have to use Instruments and Mixer. Quite a neat method as everything in the original score can then be left in place - some parts you can choose to hear and not see and others see and not hear and yet others can be made to vanish completely.

Another problem I had was very slow booting with Musescore but this was simply cured by changing the default printer from "Network" to "MS print to PDF" - I can always connect back to the network if really needed.

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