How could I write "div." and "unis." in the score?

• May 6, 2022 - 03:24

Sometimes when I need to divide the violin 1 into 2 parts and make them play different parts of chord, or divide into the solo part and ensemble part for temprory, how could I make it possible on the score and most importantly, how could I make them united again?
Also, if someone could tell me how to hide the instruments that don't have any notes to be played on the score, I would be appreciate!


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Okay, the second one I got it but I'm afraid that you did not understand what do I mean. For example, I need to seperate, like "violin 1" into 2 parts for temprory, which should be marked on the score with the expression of "div." when I seperate it, and I'll write the expression "unis" when I combine these 2 parts back to the "violin 1". The main problem is to seperate/recombine but not to only write down the expressions, which I've already known, thank you.

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If you want both parts on the same stave use voices - See

If you want the parts on separate staves, add an extra stave and use "hide when empty" to not show the extra stave when it is not required. See… and

The markings div and unis should be added as stave text items.

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