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• May 10, 2022 - 01:11

New to guitars and MuseScore and music theory, so be gentle please :)
I have made a score with all the Major Scale (Ionian) for practice for a beginner. See attached
Q1. It is limited to two pages. How do I add a third and fourth page?
Q2. There are 20 bars on Page 1 and only 12 bars on page 2, but I cannot increase the number on page 2. How do I do that. The vertical spacing between the bars differs for each page
Q3. How do I add a full clef ( 2 bars) to page one, about halfway down the page,
Thanks for your help,

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As with a word processor, you don't add more pages directly, you add more content, and pages happen automatically. So, append measures via the Add menu.

To balance your pages better, simply add a page break (Ctrl+Enter, or use the Breaks * Spacers palette). Since there are 12 major scales, usually people would split them up 6 + 6, to get more even spacing and a generally more balanced look. But, you actually don't just have 12 scales, you have 16, since there are duplicates. So placing your page break somewhere else may make more sense. Not clear why you have the duplicates of just though, or if eventually you plan to add the rest.

Not sure what you mean about adding a "full clef", but if you mean you want two insert two measures, use the Add menu for that as well.

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