Data interchange formats - MS4

• May 11, 2022 - 10:57

This may have been dealt with elsewhere, but it's not something I've followed.

Will MS4 support AAF or OMF or other "standard" data exchange formats?


As far as I know, neither of those are music notation formats, so they wouldn't be anything directly useful for data exchange (ie, for import as well as export). No particular they couldn't be added someday as export only formats for the audio, though, alongside WAV etc. My guess is that as more sequencer-like features eventually get added to MsueScore, this would be likely to be a part of that effort.

Aside from MusicXML - which of course is supported already, the only other "standard" data exchange format for music notation is MNX. Every once in a while I do hear rumblings about someday adding support for that, but as far as I know, no one has begun that work. And my understanding is, many of the goals of MNX are being addressed in the MusicXML standards group, but I'm no expert on those matters.

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I believe that AAF and OMF are exchange formats for audio/video and can work with track exchange etc between DAWs. If MS4 is going to go closer towards including some features from DAWs then the possibility that these formats will be useful for sending or receiving data from other DAWs might be considered.

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