The Problem of Lagging

• May 22, 2022 - 17:50

I'm a blacker.For more information you can type it in the top search bar and check it out.I had a lot of scores at Musescore's score writing place, and all of these scores contained +300KB Size and thousands,millions and billions of notes.So when I entered the program, the program occasionally crashes or does not respond.I want to delete some of my score files becouse they are corrupting the site and to make it fix I should wait 5 minutes.I can't delete them couse I'm afraid that it would delete the score I uploaded on the orginal website.When I deleted rest of the unnecessary score files, it didn't work.What should I do?


In order for people to be able to understand and assist, we'd need you to attach one of the scores with a problem and give precise steps to reproduce the issue.

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The way to attach a score is using the “File attachments” controls right below where you type your comment. As for whether it will be okay, not sure what you mean, it the better you can do at writing up a clear and precise set of steps for us to follow, the better chance we have of reproducing it, and that in turns means a better chance the issue gets fixed.

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