Weird percussion sounds in soundfonts

• May 23, 2022 - 20:45

I have a concert band soundfont that I tried to bring over to a transcription I was working on. This piece involves 2 percussion parts switching between percussion instruments multiple times. The bass drums at the end seem to give a weird honking sound with the new soundfont. I used the mixer to change the sound back to what sound was used before adding the soundfont but no matter what I try, the honking sounds for the bass drums still persist. Anyone have a solution?


Presumably, this means that the MIDI pitch you have assigned to that note in your drumset definition is not the correct one used by the soundfont you have installed. You'll need to find the documentation for the soundfont to learn which MIDI pitches correspond to which notes, and make sure they are set up that way in your drumset definition.

If you continue to have trouble, please attach your score and link to the documentation for the soundfont in question, then we should be able to assist further.

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