doubled note

• May 25, 2022 - 23:40

The last note for the ternor part should be both G and B. How do I show that; I have to use two voices but I don't know how to do that.

Also: teh ATB has teh same rhyhtm and the same text. Where do I set the text

3 times
twice - under the alto and under the tenor
once - where?

Many thanks,

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You only need two voices if the rhythms are different. Otherwise it's just a simple chord. Select the existing G and press Shift+B to add the B. But if you do encounter situations where you need multiple voices - which is quite likely to happen at some point - just see the section of the Handbook by the name to learn how.

As for where to see the text, if you write the parts on separate staves, you pretty much need the lyrics on each staff. It's not practical for the singers to read the melody from one staff but lyrics from another. Only when doing things like writing SATB on two staves ("closed score" and where all four voices have essentially the same rhythm does it make sense to share lyrics, by writing them between the staves.

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