• May 26, 2022 - 05:37

Just did a factory reset because playback wasn't working and it seemed like the best option as there were some things I was unable to do to fix the issue, after the factory reset it wiped all my saved scores and I can't find them, is it really meant to do that after a factory reset???


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To be clear: the files you found were not saved by OneDrvie (although it does save a history of changes of your files, and can be useful in cases where you truly did lose files).

The files you found are the very ones you saved in MsueScore. When you save a score in MuseScore, it's just a plain ordinary file on your computer. By default, it gets saved to your Documents/Musecore3/Scores folder, although when you first save a file, it always allows you to change the location if you like.

So all your files have been in that folder all along and would be there even if OneDrive were not a thing or were not setup for you.

Ther only thing you lost with the factory reset was the list of recently-used files, as mentioned above. But your files are always readily available in that folder (or whatever folder you chose instead), any time you use File / Open.

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Factory reset never ever touches any of your scores. It only clears your settings. So whether your files were before the reset, I absolutely guarantee they are still there.

One thing you might have been doung unwittingly is working on “auto save” files instead your actual scores. This can happen if MuseScore crashes and you choose to restore your previous session but never save your file explicitly and then there is another crash. Then if you choose to restore previous session again, you’ll be working on your auto save file and not the real file.

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I had and have been saving my scores pretty regularly, probably every 10 minutes or so, but perhaps you're right that it had made me work on my auto save files, because I did need to shut down the app when it would bug out a few times and I would restore my previous session. Anyway I'm just glad it's all sorted now.

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