Update suggestions for "How to create ties leading into a 2nd ending" Solution 6

• May 27, 2022 - 03:55

Solution 6 works perfectly. Thank you to whoever came up with it.

I had some suggestions to tweak it a little bit.

1) Adjust the actual durations of the new measures prior to adding the tied note(s). This avoids any accidental disappearance of notes when done in the order outlined (adding the notes first).

2) Mention that a beam joining the tied note to a previous note (when the tied note has a smaller value than the beat) can be forced over the invisible measure by highlighting the notes to be beamed and clicking the "beam middle" button on the beam properties in the palette.

3) The "special characters" link near the end of step nine doesn't actually explain how to enter unicode characters, just how to use the Special Characters" feature. A simpler way of explaining how to add a melisma is to simple use CTRL+SPACE in the lyrics box and then the shift+underline.

4) For the second ending volta, highlight the new measure as well as the following measure before adding the volta so that it will be long enough.

5) Mention that the left-side bracket of the first ending volta should be rechecked (especially before sharing or printing) because, since it's no longer tied to a measure bar, it moves around as changes are made to the score.

Great solution, though. It works perfect for playback and looks perfect when printing out, and I hope these suggestions help to make it even better.

I've attached a screenshot of how it looked for me when completed (other parts of the score are still undone).

I'm not sure who actually updates the help website, but if somebody else knows, maybe you can forward this to that person.

Thank you.

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