Inconsistency in view mode when switching between Score and Publish spaces

• May 29, 2022 - 19:08

Hello everyone.
There is a issue that may occur when switching between Score and Publish spaces.
Steps to reproduce:
- Create a new score
- On the "Score" space, select horizontal continuous view
- Switch to the "Publish" space
- Select vertical continuous view
- Go back to the "Score" space
What happens: score shows in vertical continuous view, although the View button shows horizontal continuous view.
I think the correct behaviour should be that, when switching back to Score, restore horizontal continuous view. But the critical aspect is that the button text should correspond to the view itself.
Using MuseScore 4.0 nightly, latest release as of today, on Windows x64.


Please, as requested in the announcement of the private Alpha, report your findings with MS4 at this stage of the development process as Github Issues.

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