[solved] What is this mysterious stamp all about?

• May 30, 2022 - 14:30

stamp.mscz stamp.mid Here I have a very simple musescore score created by transforming a simple midi into a musescore:
As it can be seen, the drum set beats were transformed into an instrument named as "stamp".
The problem is I couldn't find that instrument in the list of musescore standard instruments (the one that opens up by clicking on the "sound" button on the mixer)
Not only so, but I couldn't it even find such musical instrument called "stamp" on the Wikipedia.
Can anyone, please, explain what this instrument is all about and why musescore transforms percussion into that stamp instead of using other percussion instruments?


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Thank you. My first language is Russian. But the MIDI file was created using a piece of software in English. And the Musescore that I am using (which, therefore, was used to transform that midi file into a score) is also in English. It is strange that it chose the word "Stamp" instead of "Stomp".

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Hmm, no, it is actually "Stamp" in English too:

            <Instrument id="stamp">
                  <stafftype staffTypePreset="perc1Line">percussion</stafftype>
                  <Drum pitch="35"> <!--Acoustic Bass Drum-->
                        <!--MIDI: Bank 128, Prog 0; MS General: Standard-->
                        <controller ctrl="0" value="1"/> <!--Bank MSB-->
                        <program value="0"/> <!--Standard Kit-->

What is this mysterious stamp all about?

Popular technique in ragtime piano music.
First few bars of Joplin's "Stoptime Rag". Observe the instructions:

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