drum "hint" notation

• Jun 2, 2022 - 15:36

I love the fact that in Musescore we can give the drummer a "hint" (not sure of the correct phrase) as to what 'he' is to emphasise. See the attached examples from one of my pieces. That bar was simply copied from the trombones, and then altered via a reasonably tiresome procedure. I was wondering if there was a macro that could be written and as such watched the latest episode of Marc Sabatella's rather excellent "Musescore Cafe". He directed me to a plugin that sadly only seems to work with existing shortcuts.
However that made me think.... Yes I am a slow learner(!)
I created 3 new shortcuts and the pain has all gone away! So if like me, you make the same procedures over and over again and quietly grumble to yourself; just create your own shortcuts. Life becomes so much calmer.
The shortcuts I created were as follows:
CTRL + SHIFT + 1 = exchange voice 1 to 3
SHIFT + ? = toggle rhythm slashes
CTRL + / = Fill with slashes

If someone on the forum knows how to meld them into just one fantastic shortcut, please feel free to point the errors of my ways.

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Great, I'm glad that helped! But, the plugin I mentioned - https://musescore.org/en/project/action-chain-shortcut - should work here. It is based on "actions" (also known as "commands"), not "shortcuts". Which is to say, it works on the command "slash-fill" whether there is a shortcut defined for it or not. The full list of commands is given in a link in that plugin description. You'll find voice-x13, slash-rhythm, and slash-fill all on the list. BTW, I didn't know those names already, I just searched the page for the words "slash" and "voice".

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