Is there a way to lock the view?

• Jun 5, 2022 - 13:56


On a large orchestral score is there a way to lock the view so that when playback starts the view doesn't just away from where I have it focused?

Example -
I'm zoomed in to see Contra Bass, Cellos, Violas. - Great. just what I want to see.
When I start playback MuseScore jumps away from what I'm looking at.
I have to re-focus the view on where I'm working every time after starting playback.

Ideally, I hope there are 2 options here.
1) Stay locked at the view I'm focused to and don't move bar by bar. Just stay totally locked.
2) Stay locked on the staves I'm viewing but progress bar by bar, keeping those staves in view,
at the same zoom level I'm working at.

Thank you!


Disabling the "Pan score automatically" gives you 1. Normally 2) is the default, but there are some special cases depending on how many systems are on the page, how much of the system fits on the screen, etc, where MuseScore is unable to manage this. In such cases, usually the easier way to still get this behavior is to switch to continuous view.

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