Compare / View one or more parts

• Jun 5, 2022 - 14:14

I'm coming from a DAW perspective here in how the PRV (Piano Roll View) works in most DAW software.

Example -
I have 12 string tracks loaded in one PRV along with 1 oboe and one Piccolo.
But, for a while, I just want to see the Viola, the oboe and the piccolo and nothing else.
Reason being, to do detailed comparison on the parts, but just those 3 parts with no other distractions.

This is extremely easy to do in my DAW.
I just un-tick the 3 tracks I want to see, (which hides them) - type a "V" which inverts the view,
and there !!! I now have the only 3 tracks I want to see.

If I could get this kind of control in any notation software it would be a real time saver
and creative enhancement.

So, we know MuseScore is getting an upgrade to the "view parts" section.
What if
that upgrade included a window where we could select one or more combination of parts
- ideally with little square check boxes - and then an "OK" button that will then open
- those selected parts ONLY - on their own piece of virtual paper -
- so that we could see
a flute, a Trumpet, Violins 1, all on the same chart - with no other instruments showing?!?

Ideally we could then play just those 3 parts together ...
... or play the whole score while viewing just those 3 parts.
... and then of course just solo (audio playback) one of those 3 parts -
while still viewing all 3.


What you described is pretty much exactly how the parts viewing process works.
In MS3 this requires to to "create" the part (view) and it opens as a child-tab into the project, but once created is inflexible to reconfigure.
From what I've seen so far in MS4 this should indeed be working a lot more fluid and organic as you've described it.

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