Inserting a special character via shortcut F2 shows not all available characters in 2.0

• Sep 14, 2014 - 11:10

When trying to insert a special character I am now facing the problem that not all characters are available anymore.
They are replaced by little rectangles.
For instance, I used to insert a ½ sign via
1. select note
2. hit Crtl+T
3. hit F2
and then normally all available characters are there. Now a lot
of them are replaced by little rectangles. Amongst them that ½ .
Am I doing something wrong?

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In reply to by Shoichi

I do not quite understand what you mean.
It is strange that in an earlier session in the same score using 2.0, those characters were
Well, I can use a 'workaround' by copying and pasting characters via Windows 7
character map, but in the past I did not have to do this.

Little update here:
Got an idea that it may have to do with the choosen font indeed as Shoichi perhaps
ment with 'local issue'. So I changed the font and alas, there appeared those characters again!
Problem solved.

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