Shortcut to toggle scrolling

• Jun 16, 2022 - 19:56

Is it possible to define a shortcut to toggle between vertical and horizontal scrolling?


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There's no direct shortcut for this. But something you might find useful is to create separate workspaces optimized for horizontal vs vertical scrolling. Be sure to check the box for "GUI Preferences" when creating the workspace. Then you can set the scrolling as appropriate for each workspace. You can also reconfigure toolbars etc for each if you also check the "GUI Components" box.

Ideally, you would then be able to just switch workspaces and the scrolling would update automatically. However, it doesn't quite happen that way. You then need to switch to continuous view and back for the scrolling to update. So, changing is then a matter of changing workspaces via the drop down then pressing Ctrl+Shift+V twice. Still simpler than going back to Preferences every time, plus you get the potential for other customizations.

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