Edit Lyrics: Keyboard shortcut

• Jun 25, 2022 - 22:25

Is there any way to edit the lyric text attached to a note, from a keyboard shortcut? I can only access edit-lyric mode by mouse double-click. Ctrl-L is available for new lyrics but there doesn't seem to be a keyboard function for edit.


Have you tried accessing the lyric text by issuing the Alt-Left/Right commands starting at the correct note position, and then using the edit command from there? Should work fine :]

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Thanks, I didn't know about these useful commands. They seem to step forward or backward through every score element. Alt-Right selects the lyric associated with a note but it does not put it into edit mode: Alt-Shift-E is then required.

I don't think that I can combine these 2 commands into a single keyboard shortcut so double-clicking will be more efficient.

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