To Coda marker doesn't work

• Jun 26, 2022 - 12:15

In my transcription of Sergio Mendes' So Many Stars I applied all the markers for the necessary jumps (D.S. al Coda, coda and segno). In playback mode the To Coda marker doesn't jump to Coda (coda). What went wrong?

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The section breaks are causing this. The D.S. al Code doesn't see a Segno, a To Coda or a Coda in the same section
Use system breaks instead

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> "just one section break just before the codab (something I normally implement in my scores)."
Might I inquire as to why?

A section break ends a movement. After the jump to segno you thus (logically speaking) encounter the end of a movement and start a new one before ever encountering the "To Coda".
Because a new movement is started, a lot of the repeat and jump logic is reset as well; otherwise many standard notations that do adhere to the convention will simply not work.

Since a Coda is usually still part of the same movement/score, it feels weird that you'd opt to always place a section break in front of it..

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