ABAC-ABAC*-D repeat structure

• Jun 27, 2022 - 06:12

This seems like a ridiculously straightforward structure and it's laughable that I can't make it happen.

The simplest conception to me seems to be a repeated passage (with volta) which itself contains a D.C. al Coda taken both times. MuseScore actually doesn't mind taking a D.C. twice from the same spot, as long as there are two D.C. text objects there.

Unfortunately this immediately breaks (both jumps are completely ignored) when a repeat-to-start barline is added after the coda; understandable. So instead I tried yet another D.C. al Coda, using the varied coda to skip over where the volta would be. And that works up to the third "to Coda", which it ignores no matter what I do. (Yes, I know where to find the "jump to/play until/continue at" settings and have set all the pointers for the varied coda correctly; it works fine without the second earlier jump. I've also messed with variable names and redundant markers until my brain started to warp.)

But I take a step back and look at how simple the structure is and wonder how I got here?? What am I missing, what's the normal way to do this?


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