Voltas do not play after "D.S. al Fine"

• Jun 28, 2022 - 11:29

My score at https://musescore.com/leon_arundell/scores/6279674 starts with anacrucis, has a Segno on bar 1, has some voltas, and has a "D.S. al Fine" at bar 33.
When playing the score in Musescore, the voltas initially play as intended from bars 1 to 33.
My intention is that, immediately after playing bar 33, Musescore should play bars 1 to 8 (the first volta), replay bars 1 to 7, and jump to bar 8 (the second volta), et cetera.
From the "D.S al Fine" at bar 33 Musescore replays bars 1 to 7, as intended.
Then, instead of playing bar 8 etc., it skips every bar from 8 to 32, and plays bar 33 and continues with the rest of the tune.
Is there a way to score this tune so that it plays as written?


If you want a human to follow that intention, then also write "with repeats" or "con rep" in the D.S. al Fine text. Because convention is to only take the "last/final" repeat after a jump instruction.

I found several mistakes in your score.
- Measure 33 should have a normal bar line, not a end repeat bar. To which start repeat bar should it belong? 'D.S. al Fine' does not use a end repeat bar.
- Volta in measure 41 should have the repeat list value '1, 2'; in 42 then value '3'
- A label 'Fine' has to be set at the end. Missing this is the reason for the skip from 8 to 32.
And if this is your intentention set the flag 'play repeats' in 'D.S. al Fine' to play the repeats in 7 and 8 again.

(Sorry, I'm a German. Hope you did understand all :-)).

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Thank you HildeK.
I have used the Inspector to set the "Play repeats" flag in "D.S. al Fine."
I tried removing the repeat bar from measure 33. Instead of going back to the Segno, Musescore ignored "D.S. al Fine" and continued with bar 34.
I have set a "Fine" label at measure 41. After "D.S. al Fine," Musescore still skips measures 8 to 32, and stops playing at the end of measure 40 :(

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Are you still seeing this? I tried the score you uploaded originally and am not seeing any such problems. If you are still seeing some sort of issue, can you attach the specific version of the score to a comment here (as opposed to linking to the score elsewhere, which might change) and describe exactly what is going wrong with that version of the score as is?

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The current version for Ubuntu is actually 3.6.2, same as for other systems. The supported version is the AppImage you download from this site. Unofficial third party builds like you might find in a distribution repository tend to be out of date and buggy. So first step, download the AppImage.

EDIT: and just to confirm, for me in 3.6.2, it plays as expected - at least, with respect to the DS and the repeat afterwards. After bar 33, the DS is taken, and it jumps to bar 1, and then plays that opening section twice.

Something I didn't notice before, though, is that the score seems to contain an error - an end repeat barline at the end of 33 in addition to the DS. Not that you could never have these together, but this particular end repeat is missing a start repeat. In 3.6.2, that causes the repeat barline to be simply ignored, but I can easily believe 3.2.3 might get more confused and also mess up repeats after the DS.

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... and now that I notice that error, I also notice that neither of the voltas at the end of the piece have repeat lists that make sense - both are set to simply "2". So no surprise MuseScore doesn't know what to do when it reaches that point the first time - neither volta is volunteering to be played. Change that to "1,2" to get it work,

Upgrading to version 3.6.2 was not a straightforward operation in Ubuntu, but it did fix some of the problems.
In version 3.6.2, Jm6stringer's version plays as intended.
Jm6stringer, can you recall what changes you made, to get the repeats to operate as intended?

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In general, to compare my score with yours to see what I did you need to
- click on each volta and observe the settings in the Inspector, especially Repeat list.
- click on any jumps like D.S. or D.C. and look in the Inspector for 'Play repeats'
- right click on measures containing any end repeat bar lines, and in 'Measure Properties, check the 'Play count'.

Here's another way:
Tolmen Stone (RaggleTaggleGypsies)3.mscz

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Starting from "Tolmen Stone (RaggleTaggleGypsies) b.mscz" the changes are:
- m. 33: Jm6stringer removed the end repeat barline
- m. 33: he changed 'D.S. al fine' to 'D.S.' and removed 'fine' from m. 42. But also working ist 'D.S. al fine' with the 'fine' label. A 'fine' label is mandatory, if 'D.S. al fine' or 'D.C. al fine' is used! Otherwise it has no effect.
The addition 'con. rep.' is only an information for the human player, there is no reaction in Musescore; in Musescore you need to check the button 'play repeats' - as you did correctly.
- m. 41: he changed the repeat list of the volta to the value '1,2' instead of only '2'
- m. 42: he changed the repeat list of the volta to the value '3' instead of '2'

Generally, also relevant is the value of the 'Play Count' of the measure properties of m. 41. Your setting '3' is correct. It must be adapted if one needs more than a simple repeat.

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Really nice, but unfortunately version 4 is not identical to version 2:
- before (half note vs. dotted quarter) and after the drum solo part (repeat of pickup measure)
- the score ends with the 9. volta at m9 on a quarter note, in version 2 it ends on a half note at m42 .

Nevertheless, v4 is a nice example of what can be done with repeats ...

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Also, I wasn't too sure about the OP's intention with the pickup for section A. It's obvious that, in the OP's roadmap, B is meant as B and then B var., otherwise the B var. technically wouldn't be played according to the OP's stated roadmap (with no mention of var,).
Also, in the OP's score attachment, B has A's pickup at the end. B var. does not - perhaps an error of omission? After all, this is the "problem" score.

Accordingly, without the pickup, the A section technically could be considered an A var. and since there is no A var. specified, one might assume all A's in the roadmap to be identical - with A's pickup played for all repeats.

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