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• Jul 1, 2022 - 05:13

Hi Folks,

I haven't used MS for a few years but I'm back again!
I downloaded the latest version, fired her up and opened
a file I created a few years ago.

I simply wanted to copy the text from it into Word.

I went to Tools/Copy Lyrics to Clipboard and pasted it
into Word.

Unfortunately all the lyrics weren't copied.
When I created my song I entered four (4) lines of text below
each stave line.

Only around 3/4 of the text was copied to Word.
I don't know how to grab the last verse and get it copied?

Any help would be appreciated.


Well I ended up making the changes/additions manually in the Word doc.
I'm not sure what happened really.
It also lost many words throughout the sentences.

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"It also lost many words throughout the sentences."

This will happen if some of the lyrics have been entered in Voice 1, but other syllables or words are in Voice 2.
See the following example:

Copy lyrics to clipboard.png

Expected result: copied text is "Grab ly-rics where voi-ces used"
Actual result: copied text is from Voice 1 only - "Grab where used"

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