"Hide empty bars" doesn't work

• Jul 1, 2022 - 11:11


I'm trying to hide multiple bars in the middle of a score, because I want them substituted with just a repeat sign (%) with the number 12 on top of it.

But the empty bars won't disappear! How come? I've obviously toggled "Hide Empty Bars" in "Style -> General" and un-ticked "Don't hide empty staves in first system".

Hope you can help!


with a % a measure isn't empty. Only rests (or invisible notes) make them "empty"
And you don't want them hidden anyway, just collapsed into a multi measure repeat. That in turn isn't supported (yet, in MuseScore 3)

I'm not sure what you are trying to indicate here, but a 12-measure repeat is not a thing - virtually no published music does this, so most musicians have never seen such a thing. A measure repeat with a 12 over it would be more or less equally likely to be interpreted as any of the following:

1) repeat the last 12 measures once
2) repeat last measure once; this particular repeat is number 12 (which it isn't of course)
3) repeat last measure 12 times

I guess you want people to think you meant the last, but I wouldn't rely on that - it's probably the least likely interpretation. So you're unlikely to get the effect you want. The standard way to notate this is to actually include the proper number of measures, put single-measure repeats in each, and then write numbers above to help people count.

Anyhow, as to the actual question - the option you are describing isn't "hide empty bars", but "hide empty staves". It's designed for a totally different scenario - an ensemble score in which a particular instrument doesn't play at all for a given system. In that case, you might want to save space by note showing the staff at all for that system.

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