Displaying the score's arranger name in the standard Page 1 banner

• Jul 4, 2022 - 05:11

Good Day:

Does anyone know how to display the score's arranger (along with the composer & lyricist) in the standard vertical frame header that is displayed on the first page of the score?

I have found that I can extend the composer line to a second line and type in the "Arr: " below the composer. However I also found under the File pulldown in the Score Properties there is actually an arranger field, but I can not find how that data can be (or is) used.

For me, it would be convenient to add the arranger field to the "New Score Wizard" and then, if non-blank, include the arranger data underneath the composer field in the standard header (vertical frame) on the first page of the score. This addition might also require adding the arranger field to the "Format | Style" panel, under the "Text Styles".

I am not keen on putting two pieces of data in one data field, if I can avoid it.

Any thoughts or guidance will be appreciated.

I will post this under Feature Requests as well, because I am not sure if it is my ignorance or actually a new feature request.

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