How to add Chinese Instruments to the standard list of Musescore Instruments

• Jul 7, 2022 - 10:06

I saw that one of the pro-users has produced a great score ( search for Messy Clouds) that includes some great sounding Chinese Instruments.
How I can add these Chinese instruments to MuseScore ?
Thanks and kind regards from Hong Kong


There are 2 sides of the coin, on one hand the instrument definition (name, range, transpositioning, clef, etc.) and on the other hand the sound. The former is defined in instruments.xml, which you could create yourself (or taske from that score you found), the later is in a soundfont, which you'd need to find and use.

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You don't (easily) add instruments to a soundfont, you use a soundfont with the desired sounds with a score.
At least if the sounds from that score you found on are not part of the defaullt dounfdont, i.e. when the downloaded copy sounds differently on your computer than on

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