Chord Symbol H?

• Jul 12, 2022 - 23:36

I'm using v3.6.2 and searched for this problem in v3 handbook but didn't find a match. I transposed the key from a contributed lead sheet at which uses 3 chords: Am7 Em7 G. When I transposed to one-sharp, chords became Em7 Hm7 D. As if note "H" followed "A"? I tried manual edit to fix chord symbol but it auto-changed itself to Bbm. Thanks for any advice.


I changed Chord Symbols spelling to "Standard" which auto-changed the chord symbol to Bm7, fixing the problem. Thanks.
Yes the originator is German – whom google says do use H instead of B. And use B instead of Bb. So that lets them spell B-A-C-H.

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