Need help entering repeat chord symbol (%)

• Jul 13, 2022 - 00:21

I'm trying to enter the repeat chord symbol into my score.

Steps on Mac:

  • Ctrl + K to enter chord symbol in measure 2
  • F2 to open Special Character palette
  • Under common symbols, select '%'

While in edit mode the symbol looks fine (see image one)

But when I de-select it, it becomes a different character entirely (see image two)

Score attached.

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This isn't really a thing. Chords are understood to persist without the need for a symbol until the chord changes. If you need to re-emphasize the chord for some reason (start of a new system, etc.), you should be entering the chord name again, but otherwise no symbol (chord name or "repeat") is necessary.

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Ha you know the great thing about music notation is you can ALWAYS find an example of someone trying to do something every which way. Those are measure repeats btw, not chord repeats. They just happen to be used in a non-standard way for that jazz chart. My impression was that you are trying to use the measure repeat symbol up top like a chord symbol, and you just don't see that too much these days anymore.

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And you can always find someone who wants to change the topic when trying to post a question or ask for help online. ;-)

So in order for my question not to get derailed I will say again, I wouldn't expect a symbol, any symbol, to become an entirely different symbol when changing from edit to normal mode.

THAT'S all I'm trying to find out. I'm not here to argue the merits of the repeat sign. Thank you for understanding.

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I don't know what's going on, but I can double click on the bogus character and enter another % right next to the bogus character. The % remains the same upon de-select. The bogus character also remains, so double click and delete only the bogus character and only the % will be left.

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Well, it's important to keep in mind that the people who produced that were college students, not professional editors, engravers, or copyists. So they made tons of notation mistakes - as well as tons of musical mistakes, like putting that song in Bb minor instead of B minor!

Anyhow, the only reason they used the repeat symbols there on that chart is they decided for some reason to have a whole separate staff for the chords instead of just putting them above the staff like one would normally do. And since the chord symbols are within the staff instead of above, then it does make sense to use the measure repeat symbol. But in that case, don't enter it as a chord symbol - just use the regular measure repeat symbol from the repeats palette.

If you do encounter a need to place this symbol above the staff - something much more rare still - it should work to place from the Special Characters palette and does for me, using the MuseJazz font that comes with MuseScore anyhow. Might not work with third party fonts. Looks like you are using some font I don't have on my system, and that's probably the source of the problem.

I cannot reproduce this on Windows, though I do in fact get a completely different issue: upon trying to save the score with the repeat symbol in the chord text, MU3 crashes.

It seems to me like it may be an issue with the style the score is using, because upon loading the default style file, the score saves fine with the repeat symbol. Of course the chord will not play back a second time as that feature is not implemented in MuseScore, so you may as well use staff text to get around these issues, but it still seems to be an issue nonetheless. Attached is the score I made with the style reset.

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If this helps the OP, I do the following to create the "repeat previous chord" symbol (Mac). Apologies if this has already been covered / solved:

  1. Click which measure you wish the symbol to appear.
  2. In the "Text" option, select "Staff Text" to place a "Staff Text" in that measure, then double-click that newly-created text. Go the the very bottom-left corner and click the "Insert Special Characters" button (looks like a small, left-facing fish....sorry I don't know what it is really called!).
  3. From the pop-up, select the "repeat last bar" character, and move and replace and resize and reposition to taste.

Hope this helps!

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