Making part of slur transparent to avoid collision with time signature

• Jul 14, 2022 - 13:30


I have several cases in some editions where I need to polish the behavior of the slurs and ties. It is not very nice to have them collide with the time signature, so I am searching for a solution to get the shown output in one of the pictures.
Is this possible with musescore?

Thank you in advance!


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Yes, it is possible.
Select the slur or tie and have a look to the inspector (F8).
There you can select a specific direction - up, down - auto.
Or after selection take one of the six squares and move them to another place as you like. Maybe you need to deselect 'automatic placement'.
Not possible is probably an interrupt of the bow as shown in your example 'how it should be'.

The trick for this is to first create a small opaque white graphic (eg, use the screen capture tool to grap an image of a blank spot on the page), then paste it onto the barline. Then go to the Inspector to set its "stacking order" to be 1200 or so - this is the magic value that cause it to obscure the slur but show everything else. You might need to experiment slightly depending on what else is present that you want to show or hide.

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