blank stave

• Jul 18, 2022 - 08:58

Hi, first let me say I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PROGRAM, now that I have get that off my chest.
I need to know can I access completely blank staves for the purpose of creating theory homework sheets.


Yes of course.
Create a new sheet for e.g. 50 measures (or more).
Choose treble clef (or bass clef)
Select all (Ctrl-A) and increase layout stretch by typing '}' or make manual system breaks e.g. all 5 measures.
Select all rests (select the first and choose 'select all similar elements' and hide them by typing 'v'.
If you like you can hide time signature and/or the key signatures.
Unfortunately there is no barline at the beginning of every stave. You can place one from the master palette / symbols / barlines manually to each stave.

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