||SOLVED|| [CTRL]+3 Not Triplets; Countdown

• Jul 19, 2022 - 19:38

Hey folks,

Whenever I press [CTRL]+3 to add triplets (which the short cut is defined as) I get a big red countdown starting at 10:00. Screenshot 2022-07-19 143402.png

Any ideas a) what is that and b) how to stop it?

I've search for stopwatch and counter/countdown and don't seem to find anything. I've reviewed my preferences and plugins and [CTRL]+3 is defined as "Advance of a 16th note (Figured bass/Chord symbol only) and Triplet.

Screenshot 2022-07-19 143634.png

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I'm on Windows, so it's CTRL and yes, I know the + isn't used actually pressed, however using the + sign has been standard nomenclature for special key combination since the early days of computing; if one were to attempt that nothing would happen.

I do click on a rest first and I still get the countdown;

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Yes, that works fine - and how I typically do it (then copy and paste when I run a series of triplets in a row and just adjust the notes).

But when you're used to shortcuts for everything, having to jump to the mouse is a pain.

I have no idea what that countdown would be used for and why it defaults to 10 min.

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Thank you - Funny, I didn't even try pressing Ctrl+3 with Musescore closed. I tried it and the counter still comes up.

I don't know which app launches the countdown - but now I know it's not MuseScore.

When i figure it out, I'll update this thread.

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