Note played one octave high but notated correctly

• Jul 20, 2022 - 21:23

I've borrowed this score as a template to put some minor changes in plus my own fingerings and pretty much done with that task. There's a problem note remaining (G# in M60 beat 3) that's been bugging me. Its position on the staff is G#4 but if I click on that note, the status bar says it's a G#5 and plays it as a G#5! The useable pitch range in staff/part properties of M60 looks correct for classical guitar (E2 to B5). There are too many ledger lines (5) for that note and I'm not sure if that has something to do with it. Can anyone tell me how to fix that note so that it's notated and played correctly? Thanks!


It isn't notated correctly - there are all those ledger lines above it. For some reason, it's Y offset is set to make it display an octave lower than sounding. Click on the note then [Ctrl] DownArrow to lower it an octave and [Ctrl] r to reset it to its original place.

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Y is the standard term in the math world for vertical - think back to graph paper, X & Y axis. So a Y offset means, you are saying you want a symbol to appear that much higher or lower than it's normal position. This and most other properties for notes and other elements are in the Inspector at the right side of the window (re-open from the View menu if you previously closed it).

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