Select upper/middle/lower note in voice

• Aug 3, 2022 - 01:44

I love the wide variety of selection options that are available in MuseScore! They save me so much time. Though, I frequently wish it were possible to select only the upper/middle/lower note of a chord within one voice. (See the attached 'Selecting lower notes.png' file). This would be very helpful for creating practice files for choral pieces when a transcription does not separate out the parts into voices.

Since there may be multiple middle notes in a chord, it would be nice to have options to select the middle, upper-middle, or lower-middle notes, which, together with options to select only the upper or lower notes, would cover nearly all common situations. (See the attached 'Selecting upper middle notes.png' file)

In the temporary absence of a middle voice in a selection, such a feature would need to either default to selecting the upper note or not select a note for that chord. Ideally, there would be an option to select which behavior is preferred. This would especially be true if there were two middle notes in most chords but sometimes only one middle note, as users would likely prefer that the middle note of a chord be selected instead of the upper note or no note.

Perhaps the most robust and useful way to implement such a feature would be to allow the user to select a hierarchy:

To select the notes for a Soprano 2, a user could specify:

1 - Upper-middle note
2 - Middle note
3 - Upper note

Which would result in the selection shown in the Selecting Soprano 2.png file attached. When there is no upper-middle note, the selection will choose a middle note. When there is no middle note, the selection will select an upper note.

A selection hierarchy of:

1 - Upper-middle note

would select only the upper-middle notes.

Of course, even just a simple upper/middle/lower option that defaults to selecting no note when necessary would be incredibly useful!


I cannot suggest a solution for what you are asking for. But if you write using Voices, you have the opportunity to select very precisely between four different vocal parts. I use this technique all the time when creating separate SATB practice files for a church choir. For example:

See the Handbook on this topic of Voices:

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