Musical Knowledge Illiterate trying to learn... Help.. Please..

• Sep 16, 2014 - 02:28

Uhm, Hi there folks...

I am completely illiterate of any musical knowledge whatsoever, even though I'm nearly 21 I was never even given the option in school to take any music classes due to the low amount of students interested in it, of course me being myself, I cannot learn on my own, I'd have to have someone teach me, but anyways I'm here regardless since I don't have any money to afford taking classes, or a job for that matter.

So I wanted to make this sheet here on MuseScore for my own personal use, however I really do not understand how the notation works, I do know how to add notes in but I have no idea how to link them one another, whatever how you call that nor do I know how to add more than one note in the same spot... uhm I feel like no one's going to understand me.. sheesh...

Ai Otsuka - Cherish ~ Music Piano Sheet

This is what I wanted to make but after one hour I only had this done because it took me forever to understand how to even place basic notes...
Aaaaand it looks nowhere near how the start is.. so.. help anyone? Q~Q.


There is no easy way out but through. Just like the rest of us, you will have to bear frustration and continue. Don't worry, with perseverance you will learn. Just don't give up.

If you have specific questions post them here. Someone will probably explain.


I would suggest finding a book or web or some other resource that explains the basics of music notation. MuseScore won't be much use otherwise. The notes you are trying to enter are called "eighth notes", or "crotchets" in the UK - hmm, will Scotland perhaps start calling them "eighth notes" soon? :-). You need to select the appropriate duration using the toolbar in MuseScore.

After you've learned the basics of music notation, then watch the tutorial videos on the main page.

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Thanks, That really helped.

I'm about a quarters way done through the song now, this really helped, though I'm quite stubborn and raged for hours at MS before figuring a simple thing out.. I felt rather... dumb.

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