drums and percussion instruments sound

• Aug 4, 2022 - 11:01

I use musescore from ubuntu linux, and I wanted to ask if there is any way to improve the sound of drums and percussion instruments, to a radio edit quality sound, using midi files. if this is not possible with musescore if there is any other linux program.


t's not clear what you mean by "radio edit quality", but sounds are provided by soundfont, which are usually recordings of actual instruments. But every snare drum sounds different, every drumhead sounds different, every stick sounds different, every drummer plays differently, every microphone captures sound differently, every sound engineer records differently. So naturally, there is a ton of variation from one soundfont to the next, just as there is from one snare drum you hear on the radio another. You can try other soundfonts to find one that suits your own personal tastes better- see the Handbook under the soundfonts section for more info. Also note there are different "kits" available even within the default soundfont; these are selected form the Mixer.

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