Staves incorrectly changes instrument/voice parts

• Aug 6, 2022 - 15:43

Hello. I used both PlayScore2 and Audiveris to read a high-quality PDF scan for import into MuseScore. The linked staves across pages in MuseScore are incorrect. I need to change the stack order of the staves differently on every page of MuseScore and then make sure the same staff positions are linked across all pages.

For example, staff 1 might be Soprano 1 on page one and then become Bass 2 on page two, which is what I want to remedy.

My entire goal is to create practice music for the separate choral parts.

I have tried to search for this issue but without success.

This issue arose from the choral parts varying widely (men, women, splits of all/some the SATB, etc).


So that'd rather be a PlayScore2 and/or Audiveris issue then, wouldn't it?

Unless the MusicXML file they do create is correct, but gets imported incorrectly in MuseScore, for which we'd need so see that XML file (along with the PDF, and probably the MuseScore file too)

Yeah, the AI used by these sorts of PDF-to-MusicXML programs isn't usually sophisticated enough to figure that kind of thing out. So you'll probably need to manually cut and paste content to the correct staves after the fact. With any luck, that will be the least of the problems - that's easy to fix compared to most of the other sorts of errors you'll probably encounter in the conversion.

I agree that AI scanning won't be great for this. I am not blaming technology. I am asking if it is possible to correct this manually in MuseScore. Ideally, there would be a way to realign which staves are connected from system to system so I don't have to cut and paste.

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