notes "Défaut" / small notes

• Aug 8, 2022 - 10:37

Hello ! How is it possible to reduce the size of some notes, for instance to show the notes of an other instrument in a sonata ? I've the feeling that with "inspecteur",then "accord", then "taille reduite", the head is reduced but the tail is not reduced... Thank you very much.


Selecting "taille reduite" in the "accord" section should make all parts of the note small, including note head or heads, stem and tail.

Selecting "taille reduite" in the "note" section only affects the note head.

If you find it is not working that way, please attach an example score (.mscz file) and describe exactly the operations you are using - e.g. click on note head, click on "taile reduite" box in inspector.

Here is the English version of the inspector


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