Vertically aligned diagonal hairpin heads

• Aug 12, 2022 - 10:38

Usually the heads of diagonal crescendo / decrescendo hairpins are vertically aligned (red lines for reference) :
But diagonal hairpins in MuseScore seems like rotated normal hairpins, so the heads are not aligned:
It would be great to add an option to toggle the behavior (aligned / rotated).


FWIW, I can't say I've ever seen angled hairpin notation like that. The real problem I see is that a musician would have no idea of the starting and ending dynamics.

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It's hard to tell from the image there because the page is curved (!), but Gould's examples are actually pretty much just like ours - the end points are angled are well. And a quick check of the literature (e.g., Romantic era piano music) suggests it's pretty common. So offhand, I am not really a reason to change the default here, although ultimately it's not my decision.

On the other hand, since I know these are just drawn as lines, it does seem it would be simple enough to provide a control for this, whether just a checkbox to toggle between the two common options or actual handles on the ends so you could have whatever lengths you wanted.

"Usually the heads..." I would say that these are unusual. If you find examples in many different pieces from different publishers from different eras then they could be described as usual.

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