• Aug 13, 2022 - 16:28

I downloaded the MS4 Alpha to take it for a spin. It worked for a day. Today I am unable to open the program. I tried "repairing" it. did not work. I uninstalled it and did a clean re-install, and still could not open it. I wonder if others have had issues.


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Thank you for the timely follow up. Ordinarily I started MS 3.6 by clicking on the file name. Sometimes I open the program and open the file I want. It never failed. I set up a new folder where I stored a copy of several MS3.6 files to play with and save them as MS4. I also had a few files save on the screen. I am reasonably sure that for sure how I tried to open "The Happy Farmer", ( downloaded from forum), which I was able to open yesterday. this afternoon it would not open. I clicked on the MS4 icon, it would not open. I "repaired" MS4, still did not open. I rebooted the computer after "repairing" the installation. Still no go. I then uninstalled MS4 and did a brand new installation. Still no go. I then uninstalled the re-installation.
Surprise ... Now I could not open MS3.6 I then uninstalled MS3.6 and restored the computer to 8-10-2020 date. All this is on my back up computer. I then uninstalled MS4 from my music studio laptop. This is a complete mystery. I will wait till the Beta version comes out. I look forward to learning MS4 which will probably be easier since I can do any things I need on MS 3.6

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